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April 11, 2013
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UnderwaterCity MDM Theme by samriggs UnderwaterCity MDM Theme by samriggs
This is a live wallpaper I made for android that I ported over to linux mint new MDM as a MDM animated theme.
What is in this one
bubbles float up
submarines move across the screen (including the nautilus)
blue analog clock (taken from my android blue neon clock set) added second hand and compass directions
side bar dropdowns
users in the middle top now, the user image rotates 360 and whole area scales up with mouse over
buttons I moved to the right side in a column with mouse over effects (it lights up a bit as does users, and outer blue circle rotates and sonar wave like rings expand out and fade)
login area has the same sonar wave lines that expand out and fade and area light up a bit
light rays fade in and out and scale on top (very subtly)
if you don't want the linux mint logo in it just take it out of the html file and theme.css its called linuxmint.
As before, this is not included in linuxmint until version 15 I think (depends on the team) but you can get the new mdm and how to install it here: [link]
Please let me know if there is any bugs
I added mousetrap for keyboard shortcuts for the following actions:
ctrl+s = shutdown
ctrl+i = suspend
ctrl+r = restart
ctrl+q = quit
ctrl+x = XDMCP
tab = entry (for the login input box)
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Blue-Gnome Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your work is awesome!  Makes using Linux Mint much more fun.  Really appreciate the time you spent putting these together.
no problem glad you like it and find it useful
I hope you don't mind Sam. I referred someone that is staring to maintain a mdm theme package on the archlinux AUR, I gave him a link to your gallery. You may hear from them.

In the mean time though, I've got to submit this creation to LSF. :)
lol ya thats cool, if they have any issues though they should speak to Clem its his baby, I just make themes for it
Plus from what I remember, if I'm right, Arch started in Oh Canada so how can I turn it down lol
Plus if I wasn't on mint I would be on arch anyhow, I just like mint.
I'm coming up with a matrix one next that will hopefully be better then all these, if I can get down what I got in my head and make it work, one person wanted a matrix one, at first I said no cause it's sort of passe but then I got to designing for it and I think I can make it work and look cool, at least I hope I can.
if you want to switch some of the logos around I started putting the logos in a separate element with its own image so it's not part of the background image, just in case it started moving over to other distros like this so just make an arch image the same size as the linux mint one or change the size in the element (theme.css element linuxmint) or just take it if you dont want it in their at all, this way it gives folks choices :)
I can also make an arch logo if it goes through and just add it into the file also, soon as this moves over to other distros I'll start doing that, where all they got to do is change the name in the element for the image
Pretty sure all he's looking for are the themes. I think someone else manages the actual manager. I've been anxious to try it but can't get one to compile yet.

That's right, you're duty bound to support your fellow countryman. ;)
lol ya good oh Canada the country of polite people and moose lol I do love my country and love eating moose too mmmmmmmmmmm tasty stuff bullwinkle is.
If they got the same mdm as mint had it should compile, maybe they got to do something else to it in the system files who knows, I checked some of it out but not enough to know anything. I'm sure they'll figure it out they always do eventually.
Maybe that's why you all fit in so well down here in the winter time. Texans are polite too. :D

Yeah, they'll get it figured out. I've got an archlinux installation on here running Unity, so mdm (mintdm in AUR) shouldn't be too big a challenge. The 3.8 rollout may be the cause of my current non-compiling problem. I'll get it eventually.
ahh the land of longhorns, good eating steaks there, we got us the round horns, moose lol, can you tell I haven't had moose in a while lol.
ya our snowbirds always fly south in the winter up here in the land of icicles and snowflakes, I woke up this morning and couldn't see out the window, we had an ice storm last night (still going on) and everything is ice, which cut out a lot of power everywhere, I still got it so far.
Unity ugh, well it has gotten a lot better since it first came out, I'm switching back to LMDE soon as I get my new external to save all my crap on, this weekend, I kind of miss never having to do installs, gets tiring having to save all my crap, redo the install, set it all back up again, I do clean installs instead of upgrades, that way I don't get the crap that usually happens a lot of times with upgrades.
I remember winters all too well. I grew up in northern Illinois. Not as frigid as Canada, but that's relative I suppose.

I had fun with LMDE, it started me down the road to all kinds of Debian based experimental stuff, but I reached a point where I just wanted to use my computer. Always being uprooted from one installation to the next disrupted my flow. Not that I do anything important, I just wanted to spend time doing other things.

I always say that people need to use what they like & works for them. I'll leave the distro NAZI crap to other people. :D
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