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Area51 MDM Theme create with phaser editor by samriggs Area51 MDM Theme create with phaser editor by samriggs
This is a new theme I made using the phaser editor which you can get it here:
A great editor with the phaser framework built in and samples
I had to zip this up as deviantart does not allow tar.gz files but I added instructions how to install it on linux mint or any system that uses mdm.
This one I made for my own login screen, I always wanted to change everything on my system to a area 51 theme.
I added a gnu an tux floating around to represent gnu/linux obviously.
Hope you enjoy it
I made a video so you can see it in action to decide if you want it or not, you can view it here:…
ps: I also added the files to github and the tar.gz for those who just want to download it and install it, you can get here:…
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ilnanny Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome work! Thanks for sharing.
samriggs Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016
Hey Thanks again ilnanny
Just made a brokeh tonight, nice simple and boring lol
you can check it out at github:…
ilnanny Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice bro :D ...git clone…
samriggs Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016
lol got to love git :)
thats why I decided to put them all on git hub, folks can have easier access to them clone them fork them and if I do any updates just all around easier, plus deviantart won't let me use tars but git will ;)
just easier to install it without having to repackage it and compress it.
Hopefully when I get time I'll move them all over to git
ilnanny Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
for jobs that do not require many contributors, there is also SVN (I do not like), but for gnu-linux users is much better git also because it is written by Linus Torvalds and is right in its repo which is the Kernel we all loved. :D
arianfornaris Featured By Owner May 9, 2016

Does it open the gate when the user log in? :-)
samriggs Featured By Owner May 9, 2016
Hey Arian
Thanks and nope the doors don't open, I was going to add that but in the end logic won out, most folks just want to get logged in and to do it would mean timing it until the doors opened which would lengthen the time to log in so I decided to skip that, although it would of looked cool.
When making mdm themes I try not to go overboard because of speed issues, the quicker they can get logged in the happier they are, so I try and reduce loading time as much as possible and login time as much as possible. which is why I also limit the animations to only a few.
I have this one on my system and it loads pretty quick so I'm happy with the results the only thing is if you spell the password wrong I have the user list on the right side I might change that if others complain about it, for me it works but for others it might not.
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May 7, 2016
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